ENGG(SERC) 1-4701: Instrumentation & Sensors for Structural Response Measurement (L-T-P-C) : 3-0-2-4  

Faculty : Shri K. Srinivas ( CSIO), Dr. K. Ravisankar, Dr. P. Harikrishna

Introduction: Definition of Instrumentation, Why instrumentation of Structures/Structural components? concepts and Methods – Potential areas of application; measurements: Data Acquisition – Data Transmission – Data Processing – Storage of processed data – Knowledgeable information processing – Remote Structural Health Monitoring; Sensors for measurements: Electrical Resistance Strain Gages (ERSG), Vibrating Wire Strain Gages (VWSG), Fiber Optic Sensors (FOS), Temperature Sensors, Accelerometers, Displacement Transducers, Load Cells, Humidity Sensors, Crack Propagation Measuring Sensors, Corrosion Monitoring Sensors, Pressure Sensors.