ENGG(SERC) 1-4702 : Advanced Mechanics of Materials (L-T-P-C) : 3-0-0-3

Faculty : Dr. Nagesh R Iyer , Dr. G.S. Palani, Dr. A. Rama Chandra Murthy

Concept of Stresses and Strains – Basic Concepts, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Stress and strain tensors, Thermal Stresses; Mechanical Properties of Engineering Materials – Stress-Strain Curve of Engineering Materials, Constitutive relations ; Solid Mechanics Approach – Principal Stresses and Strains, Axially Loaded Members, Plane stress, Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Problems, Closed and Open Coiled Helical Springs, Strain energy, Introduction to concepts of plasticity ; Bending and shear of beams – Shear Forces and Bending Moments, Bending and Shear Stresses, Elastic Deflection of Beams ; Unsymmetrical bending; Torsion – Open and closed sections, Shear centre, warping cross-section properties, Shear flow in closed and open sections, Torsion of shafts, closed and open sections; Advanced Topics – Buckling of Compressed Members and Slenderness Ratio, Elements of Structural Vibrations, Fundamentals of Fatigue Analysis