ENGG(SERC) 2-4701: Dynamics of Structures (L-T-P-C) : 3-0-1-3

Faculty: Dr.N. Gopalakrishnan , Dr.M.B. Anoop

Introduction: dynamic vs. static response; types of dynamic loading: seismic, impact, wind, blast; Principles of dynamics – Formulation of equations of motion by different methods – single degree of freedom systems – free and forced response – effect of damping; Multi-degree of freedom systems -Formulation of equations of motion – Eigen values problems – Modes shapes and orthonormality of modes -Approximate methods of extraction of eigen values and natural frequency; Seismic response spectra Response spectra parameters; response spectra relationships; Dynamic response of MDOF systems – Mode superposition techniques – Numerical integration procedures; Continuous systems – Modeling – free and forced vibration of bars and beams; MDOFs : Response spectra analysis; SRSS and CQC combination methods; Introduction to frequency domain analysis; Time domain vs. frequency domain; Fourier series; the Fast Fourier transform (FFT);assessing frequency content; frequency based filtering; Application of finite element method in structural dynamics