ENGG(SERC) 2-908: Finite Element Technology-I   (L-T-P-C) : 3-1-0-3

Faculty: Dr. A. Rama Mohan Rao , Dr. J. Rajasankar

Review of matrix methods of structural analysis; Stationary Principles, Rayleigh-Ritz method and Interpolation: Principle of stationary potential energy- Rayleigh-Ritz method – Stationary principles and governing equations – Finite element form Rayleigh-Ritz method – FEM formulation from a functional, Interpolation, C0 and C1 elements; Displacement based Element formulations:Overview of element stiffness matrix – Load formulations – Equilibrium and compatibility – convergence requirements – patch test – stress calculations – plane stress – plane strain – axisymmetric and solid finite elements – triangular, quadrilateral, tetrahedron and hexahedron elements; Isoparametric finite elements: 1-D, 2-D and 3-D shape functions – Lagrangian and Serendipity family of elements- numerical integration- validity of isoparametric elements- element and mesh instabilities- coordinate transformations, handling of constraints; Substructuring techniques: Single and Multi level methods – Static condensation-Asynchronous block factorization technique – Various applications of static condensation technique; Plate bending elements: Plate bending theory – Mindlin and Kirchhoff element formuations – Concepts of locking, Full, reduced integration and selective reduced techniques; Finite Element Modeling techniques; Buckling & Bifurcation analysis of structures using FEM;Finite Element Methods for structural dynamics.