ENGG(SERC) 3-906: Metal Structure Behaviour and Design (L-T-P-C) : 3-1-0-3

Faculty: Dr. G.S. Palani , Dr. N. Prasada Rao, Dr.S.Vishnuvardhan

Philosophies of design – ASD vs LRFD and Structural Reliability; Failure Criteria; Brittle Fracture/Ductile Yielding; von Mises Yield Criteria; Lateral torsional buckling – Elastic and Inelastic Columns, plates, and compression members – Local Buckling of Plate Elements; Design Criteria; Torsional Compression Buckling, Approximate 2nd order effects; Elastic and Inelastic Behavior Frame design review -Second Order Effects and Moment Magnification; Stability and Leaning Columns; Connections: Review of Bolt and Weld Strength; Riveted and Bolted Connections Design Aids Example; Design of Aluminum Structures: Introduction, Stress-Strain Relationship, Permissible Stresses, Tension and Compression Members. Microwave and Transmission Towers – Introduction, structural configuration, function, analysis and design, codal provision for design of tower and foundation Tubular Structures – Tubular Trusses, joint details, tubular scaffoldings, codal provisions Cold Form light gauge section- Type of cross section, Stiffened, multiple stiffened and unstiffened element, flat- width ratio, effective design width, Design of light gauge compression, tension and flexural members Bending behavior – General Flexural Theory; Unsymmetrical Bending; Biaxial Bending of Tapered Members; Torsion – Pure Torsion; Shear Flow; Shear center of Open Thin-Walled Sections; Uniform Torsion; Torsion of Structural Shapes; Non-uniform Torsion; Combined Torsion and Bending Torsion of Closed Thin-Walled Sections, Single Cell and Multi-Cell; Fatigue – Stress Life, Strain Life, Fracture Mechanics; Variable Amplitude Loading and Miner’s Rule, Fatigue Design Requirements