ENGG(SERC) 3-908 Uncertainty Handling in Engineering Decision Making (L-T-P-C) : 3-0-0-3

Course Coordinator: Dr. K. Balaji Rao

Introduction: Basic Definitions; Examples; Different types of uncertainties; Exposure to formal frameworks for handling uncertainties; Application of Probability and Statistics in engineering decision making: Basic definitions of probability; random variables; Setting-up of framework for engineering decision making in the probabilistic/random environment; Statistical analysis of engineering data; Statistical decision making; Application of stochastic processes for engineering decision making : Basic definition of stochastic process; Some commonly used stochastic processes; Learning models for engineering decision making – learning in both stationary and non-stationary environment; Application of fuzzy sets in engineering decision making :Basic definition of fuzzy sets; Some commonly used fuzzy sets; Use of fuzzy stochastic models for engineering decision making; Handling of uncertainties using possibility and plausibility theories ; Introduction to application of game-theoretic approaches for engineering designs