ENGG(SERC) 3-916 : Advanced Numerical Methods for Fracture Mechanics (L-T-P-C) :3-1-0-3

Faculty: Dr. Nagesh R iyer; Dr. A. Rama Chandra Murthy

Finite element methods: Singular finite element methods, Adaptive refinements, Error estimation techniques, NI-MVCCI technique ; Extended Finite Element Methods: Historical development of XFEM, Enrichment functions, XFEM formulation, weak discontinuities, strong discontinuities, Tracking moving boundaries; Meshless methods: Fundamental concepts, Formulation, Recent developments, Convergence analysis, Adaptivity analysis, Engineering applications; Weight Function techniques: Basic principles of greens functions, stress intensity factors as Greens functipons, Weight functions, Numerical Weight Functions, Application of BEM to weight functions, Weight functions for strip yield cracks, weight functions for residual stress fields; Engineering Application: Recent Advances in numerical fracture mechanics, Application to Multiple crack problems and non-linear applications.