ENGG(SERC) 3-917: Mechanics of Wave propagation (L-T-P-C) :3-0-0-3

Course Coordinator : Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan

Spectral Analysis and Frequency domain dynamic analysis: Introduction to frequency domain dynamic analysis, Pros and cons over time domain analysis, DFT, FFT, spectral analysis of wave motions, propagation and re-construction of waves, Group velocity, phase velocity. Uniform and Dispersive waves, Geometric damping for infinite elastic continua;Spectral finite elements: Simple axial rod, Euler Bernoulli beam, Timoshenko beam, Approximations due to various mass formulations in combination of static stiffness;Longitudinal wave propagation through rods: Rod theory, De-Alembert’s solution, Dissipation in rods, throw-off elements, reflections and transmissions, Pile integrity testing;Flexural wave propagation: Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, reflections of flexural waves from discrete masses and abrupt change in impedance, Impedance matching and mis-matching, non-destructive testing and inverse problems in wave propagation;Theory of Lamb waves: Lamb wave propagation, symmetric and un-symmetric modes and lamb wave propagation through composites; Acoustics: Introduction to wave propagation through fluid medium, Doppler effect, wave propagation under sonic, ultra-sonic ranges and EM waves;Seismic wave propagation: P and S waves, Surface waves, Rayleigh and Love waves, Hydrodynamic wave propagation, Tsunamis and Sieches (In-land water waves).