ENGG(SERC) 3-919: Advanced Stability of Structures (L-T-P-C) :3-0-0-3

Course Coordinator : Dr. G.S. Palani

Introduction: Introduction to potential energy method; Axioms connecting potential energy to equilibrium and stability; Post-buckling responses for geometrically perfect systems; Imperfect systems and imperfection-sensitivity; Struts and Columns: Instabilities in struts and columns: Approximate methods of analysis; Rayleigh and Timoshenko methods. Design of real columns using the Perry-Robertson formulation; MDOF systems: Multiple degree-of-freedom elastic systems; General Theory approach; Diagonalised systems; Elimination of passive coordinates; Non-trivial fundamental paths; Mode interactions; Beams and frames: Instabilities in beams; Direct equilibrium and energy formulations, Lateral-torsional buckling; General loading cases and effective lengths; Instabilities in rigid framed structures; Stability function; Rings and arches: Instabilities in rings, curved bars and arches; Plates and shells: Instabilities in plates and shells: critical and post-buckling in plated structures under compression and shear; Inelastic stability: Inelastic stability studies; Reduced tangent modulus and Shanley double tangent modulus.