ENGG(SERC) 3-922 : Sustainable Materials (L-T-P-C) :3-0-1-3

Course Coordinator : Dr. B.H. Bharath Kumar

Definition of sustainable development, need for sustainable development, Global Warming, urbanization across the globe, introduction to alternate binder such as fly ash, GGBS, Silica fume, etc., introduction to alternate aggregate materials such as, recycled aggregate, copper slag, manufactured sand, etc., Mix proportioning procedure for high strength, high performance, ultrahigh performance concrete, introduction to special concretes, such as self-compacting concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, geo-polymer concrete, etc., Development of building products using sustainable materials, such as stabilized mud blocks, concrete hollow blocks, concrete solid blocks, paver blocks etc., alternative walling and roofing system, life cycle aspect of sustainable concrete, Case studies, introduction to LEED / GRIHA and other rating system, their basic understanding