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NameDesignationArea of Expertise
Prof Santosh Kapuria ProfessorSmart Composite and Sandwich Structures, FGM Structures, Damage Detection and Structural Health Monitoring, Computational Structural Mechanics
Dr. K. Balaji Rao ProfessorStochastic modelling of natural hazards; Durability-Based service life design; Stochastic response analysis of structures; Probabilistic-Fuzzy seismic vulnerability analysis; Condition assessment of existing structures; Risk-Consistent design;
Dr. K. RamanjaneyuluProfessor
Dr. J. RajasankarProfessor
Dr. G.S. Palani ProfessorStructural Engineering
Dr. K. SatishkumarProfessor
Dr. B.H. Bharat Kumar ProfessorConcrete Technology, Reinforced concrete, NDT of RC Structure, Repair and rehabilitation of RC Structures
Dr.P. Harikrishna Professor and Co-ordinatorWind Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Energy
Shri. G. Ramesh Babu Associate ProfessorWind Effects on Structures
Wind induced behaviour of chimneys , cooling towers and tall buildings both in isolated and in grouped conditions.
Dr. N. Prasada RaoAssociate Professor
Dr. V. Srinivas Associate ProfessorBridge Engineering, Structural Health Monitoring, Computational Structural Mechanics, Vibration Testing And Signal Analysis, Upgradation And Retrofitting Of Structures
Dr. S. Bhaskar Associate Professor
Dr. N. AnandavalliAssociate Professor
Dr. M.B. Anoop Associate ProfessorComputational Mechanics, Reliability Analysis of Structures, Fuzzy and Fuzzy-Random Modelling, Seismic Hazard Analysis, Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete, Durability-Based Service Life Design
Dr. P. Kamatchi Associate ProfessorEarthquake Engineering, Artificial Neural Networks, Site-specific analysis, Geotechnical earthquake Engineering, strong ground motion generation, Creep and Shrinkage of concrete/prestressed concrete structures, uncertainty modelling, Passive energy dissipators, Tuned Mass Dampers.
Dr. A. Ramachandra Murthy Assistant ProfessorComputational Mechanics, Fracture of metals and concrete, Advanced RCC, Finite element analysis, Masonry structures, Advanced statistical models
Dr. Saptarshi Sasmal Assistant ProfessorEarthquake resistance structures, Damage detection and condition assessment, Mechanics of materials, Engineered composites, Atomistic simulations, Nano/Micro level evaluation of material response, Development of advanced and sustainable materials etc.
Ms. Smitha Gopinath Assistant ProfessorTextile/fiber Reinforced Concrete; Computational modelling of Structures; Repair and Retrofitting.
Dr. S. Vishnuvardhan Assistant ProfessorStructural Engineering; Steel Structures; Cold-formed Steel; Fatigue and Fracture
Dr. G.V. Rama Rao Assistant ProfessorEarthquake Engineering
Dr. T. Hemalatha Assistant ProfessorConcrete, Material characterization, Fracture studies
Dr. B. Arun SundaramAssistant ProfessorInstrumentation and Structural Health Monitoring
Dr.L. Madan Kumar Asisstant ProfessorAdvanced Engineering Mathematics and Electronics
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