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Ph.D Programme.

PhD Programme

Details of Course Work to be taken by students

For Ph.D program, 4 levels of course (i.e. 100, 200, 300 and 400 levels) will be offered under different faculties of study.

Level-100: Core/Preparatory Courses (some are Compulsory)

Level-200: Major Courses

Level-300: Advanced/Elective courses

Level-400: Review Article, Project Proposal and CSIR-800 Societal Project)

Any laboratory may feel free to impart additional credits at any level to better suit their purpose.

Guidelines for CSIR-800 programme – Download

Following 400 level courses are mandatory for the Ph.D program (in Science or Engineering) and for Integrated Ph. D (after completion of the Master part of the program credit requirements), which are to be submitted before Open Colloquium: a. One Project Proposal to be prepared before comprehensive examination by selecting topics of high relevance and novelty, and will have state-of-the art review, methodologies, recommendations etc. (2 credits). The suggested format of the proposal is similar to the format of the projects funded under CSIR- Extra Mural Research scheme. This course will not be graded and shall be given Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (X) remark. b. One Review Article on the research area undertaken by the student (2 credits). This course will not be graded and shall be given Satisfactory(S) or Unsatisfactory (X) remark. c. Six–Eight weeks have to be dedicated on a project concerned with societal/rural issues under the CSIR-800 Programs (4 credits). This needs to be completed before Open Colloquium. Guideline for conducting the CSIR 800 Societal Project is enclosed as Annexure I. This course will not be graded and shall be given Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (X) remark.

In general the students will be enrolled twice a year, in August and January. Once the students are enrolled they are generally expected to complete the 12 credits within the 2nd semester. Only after completion of a minimum requirement of 12 credits and all compulsory courses (excluding 400 level courses), the students will be allowed to undertake the Comprehensive Viva examination and on successful completion of this exam they will be formally registered for Ph.D in AcSIR.

Student should inform the Coordinator the courses he/she is crediting/auditing within four weeks after the start of semester.

Courses on offer at any AcSIR/CSIR institute can be availed by the students to fulfil the academic course requirement. For a student to take one or more courses on offer at other institutes, the thesis supervisor of the student shall send a request through the Coordinator of his/her institute to the Coordinator of the Institute offering the course. In such cases the credits obtained by the student in that particular course will be communicated by the Coordinator of the institute where the course was undertaken to the Coordinator of the parent institute.

Number of Credits
Period of Completion (Semester)
Program Course Work Project Proposal Review Article Research / Project CSIR-800 Societal Project Total Min Max
M.Tech1222Completion of Thesis420810
Integrated Ph.D in Engg422Completion of Thesis41268

Ph.D Thesis Submission & Evaluation

Pre-requisites of Thesis Submission

  • The Ph.D thesis can be submitted any time within six months after clearing the final DAC through Open Colloquium.
  • Submission beyond 6 months will require Dean’s approval for an extension period not beyond additional 6 months on the basis of satisfactory reason for the delay. The permission, if granted, should be reported to the Senate.
  • If the thesis is not submitted within one year of clearing the Open Colloquium, as mentioned above, the registration of the student will be automatically cancelled. The student can re-register with permission from the Chairman, Senate. In that case, submission of thesis will follow normal cycle of minimum period of residency.
  • Publication/ acceptance of minimum stipulated no. of  papers in peer reviewed journal.
  • Thesis should include a Certificate (format attached as Annexure-III).

Evaluation of Thesis

  • A Ph.D thesis shall be first evaluated by a Thesis board and thereafter by an Oral Board.
  • Summary of work done (Ph.D synopsis): The student will submit a softcopy of the Synopsis to the Lab Coordinator on recommendation of the DAC and after incorporation of suggestions, if any.
  • The Summary of Work Done normally should be written based on the following points:
  • A very brief introduction with a succinct link to the available literature
  • Statement of problem

iii. Methodology(s) used

  • Sample Results with interpretation
  • Citation of any publications resulting from the thesis work
  • Thesis Supervisor shall ensure that the proposed panel of examiners of thesis board (normally eight experts from the relevant field, along with their consent to evaluate the thesis) is national/international in its composition including no more than one examiner from the same state and none from the institute from where the thesis is being submitted.
  • The student will have to submit a list of documents along with Synopsis (i.e. summary) of the study completed for the thesis to the AcSIR Coordinator of the concerned Lab immediately after the Ph.D colloquium/Open seminar along with the recommendation of the DAC to submit thesis.
  • List of documents to be submitted to the Coordinator for further processing are:
  • Thesis Submission Checklist
  • All Grade cards including the Cumulative Grade card

iii. DAC Reports including Comprehensives Report

  • CSIR 800 Project
  • Project proposal and Review Article
  • List of Publication-Semester wise

vii. Synopsis of Thesis (Summary of work done)

viii. Thesis Board (along with consent of examiners)

  • Tuition fees submission details
  • Thesis submission fee details
  • Thesis Supervisor shall ensure that the proposed panel of examiners of thesis board shall have optimum mix of examiners from inside and outside the state and none of the examiners shall be from the same Institute.
  • Lab Coordinator shall submit the thesis documents to AcSIR Office, which will then send these documents to Associate Dean of respective faculty to check for correctness of the document.
  • Associate Dean shall verify the documents received and revert to respective AcSIR Coordinator if modifications/ corrections are required.
  • Associate Dean shall forward Synopsis of Thesis, Publication List & List of Thesis Examiners in their correct formats to the Dean for his/her recommendation. Any updated document will have to be sent to AcSIR Office for maintaining the records.
  • Dean shall mark the order of preferences of potential examiners for Thesis examination and recommend the names to the Chairman, Senate for his approval.
  • Decision of the Chairman, Senate will be communicated to the Coordinator by AcSIR Office.
  • At this stage, the approved preference of examiners is to be kept strictly confidential
  • A softcopy of the thesis should be submitted by the student to the Coordinator of the Laboratory who in turn will send it to the members of the Thesis Board as approved by the Chairman, Senate and communicated from AcSIR Office, to examine the thesis within 8 weeks.
  • The members of the Thesis board will send the reports to the Coordinator with a copy to the Thesis Supervisor. On non-receipt of thesis report by 8 weeks, the thesis should be sent to the next examiner(s) in the list following same procedure. As soon as two reports are received from any two of these examiners, the decision should be made based on those reports only, without waiting for additional report(s). If, however, additional reports are available about the same time, then all the reports will be considered for examination. All the examiners will be paid honorarium for examining the thesis.
  • Based on the report of the thesis examiners, the student should incorporate the corrections/alterations suggested. The DAC shall ensure that all suggested corrections/alterations has been incorporated in the thesis and recommend the next course of action i.e. recommendation for holding oral examination or rework.
  • The committee may recommend re-submission of the thesis at most once after incorporating the suggestions made by the committee for evaluation.
  • Thesis oral examination board (OEB) shall be constituted by the Senate Chairman on recommendation of the thesis supervisor

The OEB will have minimum three members

  • Thesis supervisor(s)
  • One DAC member and
  • One external member (preferably one of the thesis examiners),
  • The Ph.D candidate shall present his research work physically in presence of the above OEB members.
  • Under compelling circumstances, the candidate could also appear at the viva voce exam electronically with prior approval from the Senate Chairman.
  • The OEB will assess the student’s work based on the presentation and responses to the questions raised during oral examinations.
  • The candidate is considered to have passed the oral examination if all the members except at the most one member consider that the performance of the candidate is satisfactory.
  • In case of non-satisfactory oral examination, in the rescheduled oral examination, the OEB must declare the candidate either to have passed or failed. There shall not be any recommendation for third oral examination.

It is expected that the entire process after thesis submission leading to completion of the oral examination shall be completed within 8-12 weeks.

  • The viva form signed by all the OEB members has to be communicated to the Dean. The Dean, after reviewing the viva form, will forward the same to the Chairman, Senate for approval and award of the Provisional Degree.
  • On ratification by the Senate and the Board, the successful candidate becomes eligible for receiving the Ph.D. degree from AcSIR.


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