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1Likhith Reddy A, Shirleen Charles, Bharathi Priya C, Rama Rao GV, Gopalakrishnan N and Rama Mohan Rao A,“"Damage Detection of Cyclically Loaded Concrete Shear Wall using EMI Technique"”, Structural Durability and Health Monitoring, 9(4):325-347, (2013)View
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3Keerthana Mohan, and Harikrishna P “ "Application of CFD for assessment of galloping stability of rectangular and H-sections" “,Journal of scientific and industrial research 72(07):419-427, (2013)View
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5Bharathi Priya C, Likhith Reddy A, Rama Rao GV, Gopalakrishnan N, and Rama Mohan Rao A, “"Low frequency and boundary condition effects on impedance based damage identification"”, Case Studies in Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation, 2:9-13 (2014) View
6Mohit Verma, Rajasankar J and Nagesh R Iyer, “"Fuzzy logic controller for real-time substructuring applications"”,Journal of Vibration and Control, 20(8):1103–1118,(2014)View
7Lakshmi, K., and Rama Mohan Rao A, “"A robust damage-detection technique with environmental variability combining time-series models with principal components"”, Non destructive Testing and Evaluation,29(4): 357-376, (2014)View
8Sindu BS, Saptarshi Sasmal and Smitha Gopinath, “"A multi-scale approach for evaluating the mechanical characteristics of carbon nanotube incorporated cementitious composites"” , Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 50 pp. 317–327 (2014)View
9Sindu BS, Saptarshi Sasmal and Smitha Gopinath, “"Methodology for Evaluating Theproperties of Carbon Nano Tubes for Engineering Applications"”, Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science J Nanotech Mater Sci (1):1-8,(2014)View
10Banjara NK and Saptarshi Sasmal, “"Remaining fatigue life of steel railway bridges under enhanced axle loads", Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 10(2): 213-224, (2014)View
11Keerthana Mohan and Harikrishna P, “"Numerical Simulation of lock-in effect of a 2-D rectangular section under forced oscillations"”,Journal of Structural Engineering, 41(1):18-25, (2014)View
12Balamonica K, Ramamohan Rao A, Nimala Sundaranb M, Chellapandi P and Gopalakrishnan N “"Experimental studies on CSRDM specimen to validate the use of Ritz vectors for the response evaluation of structures subjected to multi-support excitation"”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 282:54–70, (2015)View
13Sindu BS and Saptarshi Sasmal, “"Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of nano modified epoxy based polymers using molecular dynamics"”, Computational Materials Science 96:146–158, (2015)View
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15Rama Mohan Rao A and Lakshmi K, “"Damage Diagnostic Technique combining POD with time frequency analysis and Dynamic Quantum PSO" ”, Meccanica,50:1551-1578, (2015)View
16Mohit Verma and Rajasankar J “"Improved model for real-time substructuring testing system"”, Engineering Structures, 41: 258–269, (2012)View
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18Aleena Alex, Sindu BS and Saptarshi Sasmal, “ Uniaxial tension and compression studies on cement clinkers using molecular dynamic simulations”, Journal of Structural Engineering, 42(1):22-27, (2015)View
19Prawin J and Rama Mohan Rao A, “ Time frequency analysis for nonlinear identification of structures”, Journal of Structural Engineering, 42(1):40-48, (2015)View
20Thirumalaiselvi A , Anandavalli N, Rajasankar J and Nagesh R Iyer, “ Simplified approach to evaluate displacement of laced steel-concrete composite beams for blast loads”, Journal of Structural Engineering,42(1): 49-56, (2015)View
21Prawin J, Rama Mohan Rao A and Lakshmi K, “Nonlinear identification of structures using ambient vibration data”, Computers and Structure,154(1):116-134, (2015)View
22Smiriti Raj, Ramesh Kumar V, Bharat Kumar BH, Smitha Gopinath and Nagesh R Iyer, "Flextural studies on Basalt Fibre Reinforced Composite Sandwitch Panel", Construction and Building Materials, 82:391-400,(2015)View
23Prameethaa J, Barat Kumar BH, Nagesh R Iyer, "Investigation on micronized biomass silica as sustainable material", Cement & Concrete Composites, 60:25-33,(2015)View
24Jothi Saravanan T, Gopalakrishnan N and Prasada Rao N., "Damage detection in structural element through propagating waves using radially weighted and factored RMS", Measurement, 73:520-538, (2015)View
25Jothi Saravanan T, Balamonica K, Barathi Priya C, Likhith Reddy A and Gopalakrishnan N, "Comparative performance of various smart aggregates during strength gain and damage states of concrete", Smart Materials and Structures, 24:1-13, (2015)View
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29Ahsana PV, Balaji Rao K and Anoop MB, “Time-variant reliability analysis of RC bridge girders subjected to corrosion-shear limit state”, Structural Concrete, Ernst & Sohn doi:10.1002/suco.201500081:1-22, (2015)View
30Jothi Saravanan T, Prasada Rao N and Gopalakrishnan N, "State-of-the-art review on health monitoring of transmission line conductors", Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol.42(5):453-462, (2015)View
31Jothi Saravanan T, Gopalakrishnan N and Prasada Rao N., "Detection of damage through coupled axial-flexural wave interactions in sagged rod using the spectral finite element method", Journal of Vibration and control, 1-20, (2015)View
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