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S.NOSubject TitleCourse NumberDetails
1Instrumentation and Sensors for Structural Response MeasurementENG(SERC) 1-4701View 
2Advanced Mechanics of MaterialsENG(SERC) 1-4702View
3Computational MethodsENG(SERC) 1-4703View
4Advanced Engineering MathematicsENG(SERC) 1-4704View
5Dynamics of StructuresENG(SERC) 2-4701View
6RCC & Pre-stressed Concrete StructuresENG(SERC) 2-4702View
7Finite Element Technology – IENG(SERC) 2-4703View
8Metal Structure Behaviour & DesignENG(SERC) 3-4701View
9Wind Engineering(Audit Course)ENG(SERC) 2-4710View
10Plates & Shell StructuresENG(SERC) 2-4705View
11Earthquake EngineeringENG(SERC) 2-4706View
12Finite Element Technology - IIENG(SERC) 3-4702View
13Research Methodology & Professional PracticeENG(SERC) 1-4707View
14Thesis Work and SeminarENG(SERC) 2-4711
15Dissertation SeminarENG(SERC) 2-4712
16Dissertation Report and Viva-voceENG(SERC) 2-4713
17Research Methodology & Technical communicationENG(SERC) 1-920
18Bridge EngineeringENG(SERC) 2-4704View
19Uncertainty Handling in Engineering decision makingENG(SERC) 3-4703View
20Soft ComputingENG(SERC) 3-4704View
21Repair & Rehabilitation of concrete StructuresENG(SERC) 3-4705View
22New composite materials in Civil Engineering ApplicationsENG(SERC) 3-4706View
23Engineering for Natural HazardsENG(SERC) 2-4707View
24Advanced techniques for characterisation of MaterialsENG(SERC) 3-4707View
25Molecular DynamicsENG(SERC) 3-4709View
26Advanced Cementitious composites & characterisation of MaterialsENG(SERC) 3-4710View
27Advanced Fatigue and fracture MechanicsENG(SERC) 3-4711View
28Advanced numerical Methods for Fracture MechanicsENG(SERC) 3-4712View
29Mechanics of Wave PropagationENG(SERC) 3-4713View
30Advanced Structural Health MonitoringENG(SERC) 3-4714View
31Advanced Stability of StructuresENG(SERC) 3-4715View
32Micromechanics of Brittle MaterialsENG(SERC) 3-4716View
33Fatigue of Concrete StructuresENG(SERC) 3-4717View
34Non-Destructive Testing & Forensic EngineeringENG(SERC) 1-4705View
35Sustainable Materials ENG(SERC) 3-4718View
36Shear Thickening Fluids for Engineering ApplicationsENG(SERC) 3-4719View
37Computational Fluid DynamicsENG(SERC) 3-4720View
38Advanced Modelling TechniquesENG(SERC) 3-4721View
39Smart Materials and StructuresENG(SERC) 3-4722View
40Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel StructuresENG(SERC) 3-4723View
41Fundamentals of Probability and StatisticsENG(SERC) 2-4708View
42Stochastic MechanicsENG(SERC) 2-4709View
43Multiscale Modelling of structuresENG(SERC) 3-9284724View
44Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) -Lab ENG(SERC) 1-4706View
45Characterisation Techniques for Cementitious materials-LabENG(SERC) 3-4708View
46Advanced Course for self-study-IENG(SERC) 3-4725View
47Advanced Course for self-study-IIENG(SERC) 3-4726View

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